Custom Aplication Devlopment

Custom Software Application Development Group (CSADG)

Aligning of application user interface to other standard in-house/packaged applications, moving from cumbersome installations to easy simple few steps installation, providing re-usable application framework and intuitive application management adroIT Custom Software Application Development Group can develop tailor made applications and address these challenges. Our services are designed to meet the most complex requirements in terms of software application concepts, architecture and specifications to develop and deliver robust application functionalities that will help your organization to optimize costs, performance and faster deployment.

Custom Software Application Development Group (CSADG) of adroIT brings in tremendous expertise and experience in not only customizing applications to domain based needs but also providing cost-effective solutions for your best business needs. Having a team of highly skilled experts, adroIT offers the best user interface experience to your existing applications, integrates and aligns new applications with native ones by providing common theme across other applications and enabling speed and performance. The team dynamics is so flexible to adapt to your organizational processes that it soon starts appearing as natural extension of your team at a different location. CSADG team strength lies in supplementing your native development resources to help overcome resource, time and cost challenges - thereby giving you great flexibility to enhance current applications and helping you see through the future of your application needs.

Given the thorough system knowledge we have, CSADG goes beyond and provides application migrations, conversions and consolidations, application porting to specialized platforms, application consulting on adoption to diverse and dynamic new technologies and products. In addition to development, CSADG team boasts of proven and reliable testing procedures and offer extensive testing services for applications with special emphasis on performance, scalability and most important the user experience.


CSADG team @ adroIT will be able to address the inadequacies you may want to fill within the applications but never had the time, resources or effort and to help you concentrate on end result rather than bother about the different challenges in integration of applications. By outsourcing your custom application development needs, you can focus on your customer requirements rather than bothering about different platforms and porting efforts required to fit applications within customer sites. We transform into reality any unique business needs you have. adroIT services enable you to give that extra push to lead the competition.


CSADG team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and will manage the project though the requirement analysis to development, deployment and support. Our team will discuss with you to define the requirements and then validate the architecture and provide the Proof of Concept prototyping to make sure all your requirements are met. Once we agree on prototyping, our team will proceed with the design, development and testing of the product. The rigorous Quality Assurance process followed by CSADG will make sure that the application delivered is of highest quality and is scalable. CSADG will also work with you to deploy the application and make sure that it integrates exceptionally well into your business processes. CSADG will train the end users on the application usage besides providing the technical support.

Custom Application Development Group makes use of the agile development techniques to take care of any changes in the requirements through the development and deployment as well.

Excellence Areas:

Domain Telecom - VOIP
Design Software Design Methodologies using UML and in-house object modeling methodologies enhanced for application development.
Development .NET, VC++, VB, STRUTS, J2EE
Quality Engineering Automation - TCL/TK, Perl, Python, and Winrunner and Silk. Clearquest, Bugzilla and matured test plan design and execution.
Project Management Evolved and custom made project management processes. MS Project

Overall Technical Expertise:

Engineers at adroIT are experienced in the latest programming languages, protocols, and standards necessary for New Product Development, Custom Application Development in emerging technologies in the Telecom domain. Coupled with impressive Engineering backgrounds, our employees have spent considerable years in developing software products for leading global organizations.

Our software development skill sets include:

Domain Telecom, VOIP
Operating Systems RedHat Linux, SCO-UNIX, RTOS (VxWorks, Embedded Linux),Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP
Network Protocols TCP/IP Stack, DNS, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, RIP, Telnet, TCP, UDP, ICMP, IP, ARP, RARP, Serial Protocols (PPP), Tunneling Protocols (PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec).
VoIP/Telecom Protocols SIP,H.323,MGCP,RTP,RTCP,TAPI,ISDN,T1/E1 BRI & PRI
Network Management Protocols SNMPv1,v2, v3, CLI over Telnet/SSH, Syslog, http, XML
Network Devices Switches (Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps), Routers, Firewalls, VPNs and IP PBX (Small, Meduim and Enterprise Solutions)
Switching and Routing Technologies Switching technologies, VLAN, LAC, PPP, T1, E1, ATM, DSL, RADIUS, Proto Analyzers, Traffic Generators
Call/Packet Generators SmartBits, Hammer, Gordon-Kapes, Telephone Line Simulators
Network sniffer / Exploration Tools Tcpdump, Packet analyzers (Ethereal, Packetyzer), Nessus, Nmap, Cybercop, ISS Scanner ,SimCafe, Mimic, Traffic generators (Smart Bits,D-ITG )
GUI Test/Automation Tools Silk Test, Winrunner , XDE, QF Test
Programming Languages C, C++, VC++, VB, Java, JSP
Scripting Languages Perl, Python, TCL/TK
Application Frameworks Core Java, RMI, CORBA, Python, XML, Apache Tomcat, J2EE
User Interface Programming Java Swing, JSP, Servlets, Struts framework
Install Frameworks Installshield, Shell, Perl, SQL
Database Technologies Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, JDBC/ODBC, SQL , PLSQL
Source Code Configuration Clearcase, Toirtoise ( CVS ), Visual Source Safe
IDEs and Tools Eclipse, IntelliJ, IBM Rational Rose RT, IBM Rational Purify, Tornado IDE, GDB
Defect Management IBM Rational ClearQuest, Bugzilla

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